We did a remix for Yeah Boy on Warner Music. Its out now. The track is a serious summer jam. You can pick it up on iTunes or add it to your Spotify playlists. 

This is just one of the many new tracks we’ve released over the past month to gear up for more new original music coming soon! 

We remixed Daft Punk with Avicii

We are gonna start posting a ton now. Sorry for the lack there of, but its been one hell of a year. To kick it off, Hollywood Records just let us release a remix we were asked to do for Daft Punk’s song Derezzed. Avicii supplied us with the stems for his version with Negin, and we went to work. This is the result. 


Max Frost - White Lies (The Soundmen Remix) 

a darker, brooding and thumping remix that pulls the blues elements out of the lyricals and creates a haunting new take on the track

pure joy!



  • Blondfire - Waves (The Soundmen Remix)
    Warner Brothers Records
  • Betty Who - High Society (The Soundmen Remix)
    Self Released
  • The Other Tribe - Dancin (The Soundmen Remix)
    Sony Records
  • Brett - Visions (The Soundmen Remix)
    dFm Records
  • The Soundmen - My Friends featuring Mick Coogan and Panic City
    (self released)
  • The Soundmen - With You featuring Rai Knight
    (self released)
  • Jackson Breit - Its On Tonight (Produced by The Soundmen)


  • Carousel - Take Me Away (The Soundmen Remix)
  • Jasmine Solano - Cruisin' (The Soundmen Remix)
  • Alison Valentine - Peanut Butter (The Soundmen Remix)
    HeavyRoc Music
  • Voltaire Twins - Young Adult (The Soundmen Remix)
  • Panic City - Ancient Aliens (The Soundmen Remix)
    BlackLights Music
  • OnCue - Feel Tall (The Soundmen Remix)
  • 33hz - Nightspot (The Soundmen Remix)
    Dither Down Records
  • Erick Arc Elliot (of The Flatbush Zombies) - French (produced by The Soundmen)
  • The Soundmen - Funny Feeling featuring All Dom Wrong
    Dither Down Records)


  • Unouomedude - Frequency (The Soundmen Remix)
    Old Flame Records
  • Glasvegas - Geraldine (The Soundmen Remix)
    Columbia Records
  • Foster The People - Call It What You Want (The Soundmen Remix)
    Columbia Records
  • 33hz - Under The Sun (The Soundmen Remix)
    Dither Down Records
  • 33hz - See The Light (The Soundmen Remix)
    Dither Down Records
  • Saadi - Bad Seeds (The Soundmen Remix)
    Dither Down Records
  • Saadi - Dodecahedron (The Soundmen Remix)
    Dither Down Records
  • Dev - Bass Down Low (The Soundmen Remix
    Universal Records
  • Johnny Polygon - Fu**in' Awesome (Produced by The Soundmen)